Your potential customers can’t pick up your product and look it over before they decide to buy. But they can get opinions from others who already bought your product through online reviews. Positive or negative reviews make a lot of difference in making sales. Strategic PPC campaign management services can guide you like a polestar in the selling process and help you becoming successful on Amazon.

The more the better

The more reviews that people find on Amazon for your product, the more likely the chances of buying increases. When others do something, we automatically and subconsciously determine that it is safe and even in our best interest to do the same. It’s a human phenomenon.

Getting reviews is not a hard task, but it definitely requires a bit of planning in advance. Here are some tips that might actually help you in increasing your review count.

  1. Pitch for your sales

Reviews have the potential to influence sales tremendously. You may have a quite unique, different and useful product, but you still have to ensure that it reaches the customers. A majority of people aren’t just going to stumble on your product. The idea is to give your efforts a little push by creating ecommerce shopping campaigns and promotions for your product,  Amazon PPC.

  1. Request the customers to leave reviews

A simple way to get more product reviews is sending an after-sales e-mail. It is totally fine to send mails and request your customers to write reviews for you. The email should be sent after a reasonable period of time following an order. Only thing to keep in mind is not to sound pushy, outright or annoying in your mails.

  1. Use the best Keywords

Use legit keyword research applications to find the best keywords for your product. There are number of features that even track the performance and traffic volume of your shortlisted keywords. Take benefit from that.

  1. Use social media

Social media can increase the number of customer opinions. For example, you can occasionally send out campaigns to fans and supporters on Twitter and Facebook to write about their experiences and reviews.

  1. Use Amazon’s Request a Review Service

The struggle to build early reviews for new products is a problem for most of the Amazon sellers. If new products do not have any reviews, it’s quite obvious that the customers are much less likely to purchase the item.  Lately, Amazon launched a –‘Request a review’ button for its sellers, which you can find in ‘seller’s central’. You can use it to make a request to your customers for a review and rating after the purchase.

All types of reviews hold importance.

Last but not the least, you should be open to all kinds of feedback – positive and negative. Getting the honest feedback is a part of the process – how they became successful. As a seller you should know how to deal with and answer the negative reviews also.

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