Amazon gives the perfect platform for sellers to try their luck in online selling by appealing to a larger and loyal audience, building a trust relationship with the customers and eventually succeed in making sales and generating profits. The distant dream of thousands of people to leave their boring desk and full-time jobs and begin their online start-ups has now come true with Amazon. As much as easy it may sound, new sellers are bound to make mistakes if they don’t go through the guidelines and make their selling plan strategically.

Though its challenging to keep a tab on the things that you should do and the stuff you should totally elude. To make it big on Amazon, sellers should try to avoid these blunders at any cost, which might sound unimportant at first:

  • Failure to launch product strategically

Launching the products on Amazon is the most crucial step before you proceed. Just listing your product online isn’t enough. For better visibility, you need to invest in hiring a good and experienced Amazon consultancy who will launch your product with proper planning and strategies.

  • Not running PPC Campaigns

Investing in advertisements like Paid PPC (Pay per click) campaigns are important for your brand to appeal to millions of buyers on Amazon. Launching Paid Campaigns are exceptional means to improve your product’s visibility on world’s largest e-commerce platform. Without availing the best Amazon PPC campaign management services you might fail in establishing your business. 

  • Not setting up Customer Care department 

Providing Customer assistance service is the paramount tenet of running a successful business. If you are selling as FBA seller (Fulfillment by Seller) you don’t need to set up a separate customer service department because Amazon takes care of everything on your behalf. But if you are selling as FBM seller (Fulfilment by Merchant) you need to provide good and helpful customer service while selling your product. If as a seller, you fail to address their issues and problems, they might move to your competitors in pursuit of better experience. 

  • Compelling customers for reviews and ratings 

One mistake that most of the sellers make is constantly asking their buyers for positive product reviews and higher ratings. This can irritate them and they can eventually lose interest in your brand. If a user is happy with your product, he will himself choose to write a positive review, and if he is displeased with it, you cannot stop him to write a negative review. As a seller you should always focus on maintaining quality of your products. 

  • Charging Extra Shipping fees 

There are many competitors on Amazon who are ready to sell their products at a minimum shipping rate or even without any charges. The customers are reluctant to buy from the sellers who charge too much shipping rates, especially when there are Prime sellers, who provide faster and free product deliveries. 

  • Out of stock inventory

As a seller, you should focus on keeping a track of your inventory. If your product is out of stock on Amazon, it will automatically lead to a drop in your ratings. To maintain your listing rankings, you should time to time restock your inventories.

There are many slip-ups which a seller can make on Amazon. These tips can help you to avoid any unintentional mistakes which can halt the progress of your brand. Nevertheless, a good renowned Amazon agency can take your store achieve new heights by optimizing your product listing and managing your paid campaigns.

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