The moment you think about online shopping, Amazon comes to your mind. Over the years, Amazon gave a strong platform to the millions of sellers globally, where they grew their brands exponentially by selling the products to the loyal Amazon consumers. Selling on Amazon is paramount for almost every brand, but the question is how can one improve visibility and obtain traffic to their product page despite of the strong competition within the same horizon?

To know how you can stand out on world’s largest market place, you should learn about Amazon enhanced brand content and its benefits.

What is enhanced branded content?

Enhanced brand content (EBC) takes your regular listings and presents them in a detailed and visually soothing manner. EBC is absolutely free-of-charge for third party sellers on Amazon. Its core feature is that it allows you to fully customize your product’s descriptions on branded ASINs. By differentiating your products with more eye-catching, and graphically represented content, you’re more likely to increase your Amazon sales and revenue.

The EBC tool enables you to implement optimization to your listings. For example, the sellers can choose from multiple product layouts, choose to update to higher-resolution images, and showcase a unique brand story, which leads to a better customer experience.

EBC Image Sizes:

There are various templates available to showcase your product. Depending on the template you choose, you’ll see different image size requirements. For example, template four allows 5 images for 300×300 pixels each and one main header image of 970×600 pixel.

Now that you know why Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is important for your product. let’s explore more by discussing an actual example of the EBC tool Content tool. Your product must be filled with relevant content, which gives consumer all the possible knowledge about it and they can make up their mind accordingly.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Guidelines

Amazon’s EBC tool is free to use, and you can have maximum 20 pending product submissions at one time. Amazon takes up to seven days per submission to review the content before approval.  In order to use EBC tool for your products, you must register your brand on the Amazon Brand Registry because the tool is only being available to Brand Registered sellers (excluding categories such as books and video).

Listed below are some guidelines to abide by:

  • Sellers can’t list guarantees on their products
  • Sellers can’t use images that mimic Amazon’s logo or any other trademark
  • Sellers can’t link to their websites from Amazon
  • Sellers shouldn’t use low-resolution pictures or videos
  • Sellers need to avoid any grammatical or spelling-related errors

There are high expectations in terms of content that Amazon expects, and you can see the quality that Amazon want the users to experience while ordering on their site.

Example – Mi Notebook by Xiaomi

The chosen layout covers all the significant points when using this tool – highlighting the product features, communicating the brand identity, breaking down the complicated specifications of the product into simplified translation for better understanding. These are important selling points of your product. Each snippet of content well relates to the picture aligned with it.

This example from MI aims to deliver a powerful and aesthetically-pleasing experience with its use of Amazon EBC. The Enhanced Brand Content should act as a landing page as well as your shop window. Like here, this content takes the user on a journey by providing features, comparison between different models, and specifications – everything a buyer needs to know before purchasing a laptop.

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