Amazon is undoubtedly the most promising platform to start your online business. It saves you from the hassle of creating your own website, lets you share the space and compete with hundreds of other sellers and targets millions of users. Therefore, it becomes a bit challenging to attract the right audience to your products. Of course, a good product listing and Amazon enhanced brand content helps but its important to avail Amazon PPC management services to perform brilliantly on world’s largest ecommerce website.

For this purpose, Amazon lets you create sponsored Pay Per Click (PPC)advertising campaigns for your products that lands users to your page and helps them notice your brand.

Amazon Campaign Manager

It is a tool that the sellers can find under the ‘Seller Central PPC’ section. It helps them to further optimize their Sponsored products ads and sponsored brand advertising campaigns to increase the visibility of their products and getting traffic on the product description page.

Its Features:

  • The sellers and vendors can now choose to select multiple campaigns that they are running to make simultaneous edits on them. This can save time in bid adjustments, campaign running schedule, status of bids etc.
  • Easy to use time zone pre-sets with a custom range. Both the vendors and sellers can choose their respective time zones to start the campaigns and make consistent advertising reports. This also helps the sellers to coordinate well with colleagues working in different time zones and show them steady results.
  • Performance Dashboard which shows how well or bad your campaigns are performing. It lets you see the number of times the ad gets clicked, number of impressions, click through rate (CTR), number of purchases, keyword performance over time to analyse and optimize the campaigns for better return of investment (ROI)
  • It lets you analyse the trends in the graph formats of different campaigns without having to download performance reports. This graph automatically adjusts as you click over it.
  • Data table shows all the important data related to your campaigns. With new and improved features of campaign manager, the Sellers can not only just see the data table but can also download the results to analyse them better.
  • The sellers can see their total spending on their advertising campaigns and the performance of the ads all in a single tab.
  • A chart showing performance of Sponsored brand campaigns over time making them easier and quicker to optimize and manage.
  • Vendors who are running multiple sponsored brands, sponsored ads and product display ads can also add several filters in their campaign manager based on certain benchmarks. This way the underperforming keywords can be identified and replaced by new keywords from the campaigns.
  • Bids and budgets can be adjusted and optimized based on their individual performance.
  • Amazon Campaign manager lets both the sellers and the vendors to add negative keywords to their campaigns.

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