Amazon is the greatest and largest online hub of selling products. Be it anything from electronics to household items, clothes, jewelry, books, toys, shoes, fashion accessories, home décor, kitchen appliances, furniture, furnishings, plants and pots, safety equipments, tool kits and the list goes on and on.

With so much happening on the e-commerce website, it’s difficult to identify the products which sell better than the others and feature amongst the amazon best sellers.

It is a list on Amazon which gets updated hourly depending on the number of sales the products got, where the users can discover the top 100 best selling and popular products. So basically its like a ranking system, which the users can excess to find out and buy the top selling products on Amazon.

Understanding Best Seller Rank

BSR is a good indicator for users to know how a particular product is selling on the largest online store. The lower the Best Sellers Rank (BSR) ranking of the product is, the higher will be the chances to feature on the best sellers list.

For instance, product A has BSR 15 and product B has BSR 150,000. This means that product A is far better in sales than product B which enables it to get featured in top 100 products list.

Here is where you can find the product’s best seller ranking on ecommerce product listing.

Factors that affect the ranking

  • Sales
  • Competition
  • Pricing

How is BSR different from Organic ranking?

Best Sellers rank of a particular product is based on the sales and calculated by taking into consideration, the number of sales per hour, whereas the organic ranking means how the product ranks for a particular keyword used in the product listing or campaigns. If the organic ranking is higher, this means that product will automatically appear in the search results of a particular keyword.

This means that even if the product’s BSR is not that great, it might pop up in the search results because of its higher organic ranking and vice versa.

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