Amazon is not an unknown name in any part of the world. It is the first thing that comes to your mind when you start looking for anything online. Although it’s as easy as a pie for customers to find any product on the biggest e-commerce website, things are not the same for the vendors and sellers. There are a billion of products on Amazon sold by millions of sellers, who go through a lot of challenges and struggles, to make a name for their brand and product.

So now there might be an array of questions and confusions that you might be having in your heads from a seller’s point of view.

How do I start selling on Amazon? What to do after becoming a seller? How to make my product reach to its target audience? Where do I put my money in to make my brand recognize?

Indulging in correct sponsored advertising and right marketing for your product or brand is the answer to any of the questions that might arise in your minds right now.

Amazon PPC

Investing in strategic PPC campaign management services ensures that your brand gets noticed in front of shoppers and reaches its target audience on Amazon. PPC means Pay- per- click campaigns by Amazon, where an advertiser only pays for the number of times his sponsored ad gets clicked on. There is no fee to display the ad until and unless a potential buyer will click on the advertisement.

You can even track the performance of your ads and campaigns to see the user footfall on your product page and compare it with the number of actual sales that you received. This gives you an insight of the sale conversions and you can then adjust your sponsored campaign and keyword bids for better results, accordingly.

Sponsored Ads and Campaigns give you an incredible opportunity to make your products noticeable faster in front of the right audience without spending a fortune on it.

Types of Amazon Ads

Sponsored Products – These are relevant for individual products and they appear on the product detail pages and in the shopping results.

Sponsored Brands or Headline search Ads – These ads can feature up to 3 items from the same band, and feature a headline and your brand’s logo. They appear in search results.

Product Display Ads – These ads are shown to the customers who previously viewed your product or who are looking to buy similar products. They have the potential to target customers.

With Hike Commerce you can start right away with the advertising and marketing of your products on Amazon. We offer strategic product launch, Amazon email automation, product listing optimization and overall account management for your Amazon account.

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