As an online seller on Amazon you might have wondered why there’s not much traffic to your page or why a lot of customers empty their shopping carts and walk away from your product page, even though they knew exactly what they wanted to buy. Now, there may be a number of reasons for this kind of user behavior few of which are summarized below, but we can only assess. Human mind is not so easy to intercept after all.

They don’t trust your brand.

Everyday new sellers with new brand identity sign up on Amazon in pursuit of establishing their business and store. Not every consumer is ready to buy something from a brand that they are unfamiliar with. It takes time and right kind of advertising by amazon advertising consultant to build your brand name on Amazon.

Shipping Cost

Some sellers charge shipping cost on everything they sell. While this also means, that they are specially procuring an item from somewhere it’s getting actually manufactures, this can sometimes backfire. There is a lot of competitors on the platform, who are may be not charging any additional shipping cost.

Increased Delivery Time

With features like Amazon Prime, which facilitates the Prime account holders to have one day delivery services, many sellers may take more than a week to deliver your products, depending on the time taken for the manufacture of products and the delivery location. This might frustrate the customer and they might walk away from your page.

High pricing

there are millions of sellers present on Amazon. Every user tends to compare price of the product they are buying from the competitors. And if they find a major price difference with same material and quality, they will obviously order from other sellers.

Low Ratings

When the customers are searching for any item on Amazon, they have a feature to sort by ratings. If your ratings are low, your product won’t be displayed on Amazon or displayed at the bottom of the last page. Thus, Higher ratings play a key role in getting orders on Amazon.

Negative Reviews

Just like ratings, Reviews hold a lot of potential to make or break a sale. A negative review can lead to loss of sales easily, whereas a positive review can influence a customer and help to build the sale.

Bad Product description

Your product description page needs to be well detailed with all the essential information that explains your product and properly optimized listing. It can neither be too short nor can be over explanatory and repetitive.


These are just few difficulties that you can face as a seller. For this purpose, the vendors and sellers on Amazon typically seek help from an Amazon PPC consultant like Hike Commerce who are experienced and understands the norms, guidelines, challenges and nuances that might arise after you begin to sell on the world’s most influential e-Commerce platform and is able to quickly resolve or address the problem that sellers are facing by providing the best Amazon PPC management services.

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