You need to be retail ready to launch your product on Amazon. If you aren’t sure, you jeopardize the success of your launch. It is undoubtedly the most important step for your online business. Although many people wish to seek help from a ppc management agency for their Amazon account to save their time and get a better result. Still, if you wish to do it yourself, here are few tips that can help you launch your product on Amazon and set yourself up for success.

  1. Get your ASIN

Amazon standard identification number is a 10 digit unique number issued by Amazon to its sellers. Ensure that your product is approved and good to go. Don’t forget to account for variations.

  1. Review your product landing page.

Make sure that the product title, bullet points and descriptions are keyword rich (not stuffed), formatted correctly, and that they follow Amazon’s guidelines. This is crucial for all product listings but especially so for Amazon new product launches. Learn how with our Amazon SEO: How to Get Your Products Found on Amazon guide.

  1. Maintain product image quality.

Make sure your images cover plenty of views and angles, that they show key features and differentiators, and that they’re high quality and don’t pixelate while zoomed in.

  1. Amplify your inventory.

The point of being retail ready and making the effort to properly launch a new product on Amazon is to achieve maximum sales velocity and rocket up in rankings. You need to have inventory on hand to be able to fuel that. If you are fortunate enough, that your product is a hit

On Amazon, you need to have quantity to sell. If you are out of stock, Amazon automatically count it as negativity, and can easily penalize your ratings. Keep a tab of your stock.

  1. Validate your product via reviews and ratings.

It takes sales to get ratings and reviews, and it takes ratings and reviews to get sales. It’s a chicken-and-egg situation, especially when it comes to how to launch a new product on Amazon. Before going full-on launch, make sure your product has at least a 3.5 star rating and 15 Verified Purchase reviews. Consider doing this via the Amazon Early Reviewer Program. Learn more strategies and techniques for building your reviews base at How to Get Reviews on Amazon in 2020.

  1. Own the Buy Box.

If you own the brand, are up to date in Amazon Brand Registry, using FBA, not allowing resellers, and you haven’t been hijacked, the Buy Box should be yours. But that’s a lot of if’s so make no assumptions. Now throw in pricing, account health, and competition. Make sure that you do not lose the Buy Box. If you do, you’re handing your competitors a golden opportunity.

  1. Use Enhanced Brand Content.

This premium content feature allows the Brand Registered Sellers on Amazon to showcase the unique value proposition of their products and brand through enhanced images, detailed descriptions and presentable text placements.

EBC will help your consumers know the product better, and this will ultimately help in escalating your sales.

You can also avail Amazon product launch services by a consultancy like Hikecommerce to help you with the process and make an effective and successful product launch.

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