Starting a new business during the Covid Pandemic can be quite hard and full of unforeseen challenges, but its’s not impossible to do. And with the lockdown imposed in various stages around the world, selling online through ecommerce shopping campaigns, can be a great opportunity as well. This disruption caused by the coronavirus brought whole world to a stand.

So, what are the things that new sellers should consider in these uncertain and difficult times?

First of all, launching a brand online in pandemic via any existing e-commerce website such as Amazon or eBay or through your own app might with some strategic ppc campaign management services not be a bad idea at all. It’s been more than a year now that people are staying indoors and avoiding any unnecessary trips out of their homes. The E-commerce industry and relentless delivery persons are ensuring that all people get everything at their door-step, while maintain all the social distancing protocols. Be it groceries, medicinal supplies, food deliveries, daily essentials, electronics or clothing and other stuff.

Start by ensuring that your business is COVID proof.

What is a Covid-proof business? The coronavirus has impacted several million jobs globally by directly or indirectly disrupting manufacture, supply and demand. Covid-proof business means something that’s not affected by the ongoing crisis.

  • Selling Covid essentials such as face shields, masks, hand gloves, sanitizers, oxymeters, infrared thermometers, show covers, automated sanitization tunnels etc.
  • Investing in things like these can be profitable and for a good cause. The more manufacturing units and suppliers are there, more will be the capacity to meet the growing demand.
  • Cleaning supplies and equipment are also in lot of demand given increased awareness about sanitizing homes, offices and surroundings. You can even start professional cleaning and sanitization services.
  • In lockdown people developed some hobbies such as gardening, décor, fitness, cooking etc. Selling gym or yoga equipment, baking supplies, home décor, gardening tools and DIY kits can be a great option.

So in a nutshell, start thinking from a user’s perspective and think about things that are absolute necessities and the products that are in major demand.

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