Starting your online store is not just confined to selling stuff. It also means getting involved in online marketing to promote and improve the visibility of your products. More than 50% of the users are not willing to go beyond the first 3 pages of Amazon search results. Some of them don’t even have time to navigate through the first page itself.

Hence, it’s important for the sellers to focus towards Amazon PPC and SEO to keep your product’s ranking higher.

Before proceeding, let’s discuss what exactly SEO and PPC are?

These are two pillars that every website marketing platformlay in their foundation.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization in general means to make your website relevant, user friendly and full of target keywords. This helps the search engines such as Google to rank your website higher and keep it amongst the top search results. In Amazon’s case, SEO is done to keep your product’s ranking high so that Amazon’s A9 algorithm searches and displays your product in front of its audience.

SEO improves the organic ranking of the product, over time.  It’s a long term investment.

PPC or Pay per click which plays a vital role in Amazon ads management.  In PPC ads, the advertiser bids to pay a nominal fee for a specific keyword that they use in their campaigns. PPC can either be done manually or automatically. This means the advertiser can choose to bid for any particular words or phrase that matches the product description, or can simply choose from the predicted list suggested by the system.

PPC helps in increasing sale conversions by getting more sales, in a short period of time. You can achieve desired results faster as compared to SEO.

Combination of both SEO and PPC

Now you know how fruitful, the investment in either one of the tactics are, for starting your business or promoting your brand.As a seller you need to pick and bid on the most relevant keywords which will ultimately improve the PPC and SEO operations.

But have you imagined what these techniques are capable of doing if they are used together?

SEO and PPC are two separate marketing modules that will directly or indirectly improve your selling performance on the world’s largest ecommerce platform. They must function simultaneously as different components of the same advertising campaign.  When used together;

  • The SEO improves visibility amongst other products and helps in bringing your product in front of users.
  • When a user goes to the product description page and buys the product, this means the conversion rate is strengthened. Hence, the outcome of PPC operation means escalating sales.
  • Blending the PPC and SEO ensures that your target audience finds you irrespective of hundreds of competitive sellers and helps you achieve a high-level presence on Amazon.
  • Both strategies when combined together can provide a high potential for ROI (return of investment).
  • Helps you maintain organic ranking.

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