So let’s start with answering ‘What is the most essential factor to drive sales on Amazon?’

There can be multiple answers to this question – Choosing a unique and popular product to sell, great campaigning and sponsored advertising, relevant and good product listing, incredible marketing strategies, high resolution images and high definition videos, bidding for organic keywords, Fulfillment by Amazon, promotions and discounts and the list goes on.

But the most relevant answer would be ‘A great product description page’

No matter how good your product or its advertisements are, if the product listing is lousy and uninviting, the user will get off your page in no time. It’s important for your product page to be engaging with appropriate and brief product description otherwise the readers can lose their interest in your product.

How can you ensure that your product listing is up to the mark?

It’s not a layman’s job to write a pertinent product listing to compete on Amazon. It should be crafted with utter diligence by experienced content writers provided by a well-known ecommerce SEO services company.

Follow these simple tips to write a great and impactful product description.

  • Choose the best keywords for your product

The keyword directly implies to the search terms that a customer will use to find a particular product on Amazon. As a seller you need to choose for the most relevant product that describes your product. Different keywords need to be incorporated in your product title and description. You can even choose long tail keywords in your description which increases the chances of showing up your product in the search results.

  • Write a catchy headline i.e. product title

You are not advised to use more than 200 characters including spaces in your title. It should be short with keywords to target the interested audience to your page. Amazon uses A9 algorithm to automatically search for the most relevant product that matches with the search terms that customers type in the search bar. If your keyword matches with the search term, your product has increased chances of display on the first pages of search results.

  • Bullet points for product details

To make your listing look organized and neat, you should consider writing in four to five bullet points about the key highlights and features of your product. So when the customers read it point by point, their interest and curiosity keeps building to read the next line. These points should give them a clear idea about your product.

  • To the point product description.

The customers are not going to stay on your page for whole day, so as a seller you just have a few seconds to grab their attention. To ensure this, you should avoid writing lengthy and unnecessary descriptions and provide them with crisp, to-the-point content that gives them a clear idea about the functionality of your product.

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