This COVID outbreak has been amongst us for almost nine months now and it has already made its drastic mark in businesses around the globe. With self-isolation, lockdowns, and social distancing in effect, a significant change in consumer behavior and relationship with the service providers have been observed.

There is a massive spike in online shopping from the consumer end which can be a positive thing if you do it wisely. Here are a few tips that might help you in growing your online Amazon business by increasing its visibility and sales with the smart Amazon PPC Management.

  1. Limit your spending.

To survive during a recession, the business owners are first to cut down on extra expenditure and limiting their budget. That means axing down on marketing and advertisement. In harsh times when they may seem a luxury, for many e-commerce business owners, it almost becomes a necessity to stay alive. Instead of completely halting your PPC Campaigns.

Begin with the re-evaluation of your current campaigns. Which are relevant to essential needs, are budget-friendly, and with most favorable performances. Cut down your wastes and bid smarter on keywords. You could try the automatic bidding feature that will keep the relevancy up to date.

Narrow down the ad run time schedule by testing out your target audience when they are most responsive. If you focus your campaigns at specific hours when customers are most actively engaging with your ads, you could not only end up saving the maximum cost but also be able to bring in better sales.

  1. Make Use of the Opportunities 

While the average rate has dropped to 50% of Cost Per Clicks across the market due to cut down on ad campaigns, it only means there is now more opportunity for those who have decided to stay onboard and campaign smartly.

You can enjoy significantly lower costs plus lesser competition for now. Since most of the consumers are browsing from home now, it’s a golden opportunity to mine from that. With lower CPC and competition, you can reach more impressions and build brand awareness if you are a small business owner.

  1. Use Negative Keywords to Filter Out Traffic

Due to COVID-19 being the hot topic everywhere, search engines have been flooded with the corona virus-related queries. Add negative keywords list containing all COVID-19 related search terms such as Pandemic, COVID-19, Corona, Virus, etc. Using keywords in this way, your brand will no longer be displayed or associated with stories regarding this topic.

Blocking such terms will help you restrict your ad being shown to irrelevant consumers and save your Cost Per Click of your Amazon PPC Campaign.


Give your users better services than they are used to. Keep them engaged with promotional sales, discounts, free delivery services, or gift card purchases, all for good faith. In return, if you play it right, you end up with good visibility and sales.

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