Amazon sells a million dreams to common people. To the ones who aspire to become something big. To the ones who want to start their own business. To the ones who are afraid of investing in an actual physical store. And to the ones who are ready to take a risk. Anyone can start selling products on Amazon without a second thought. All you need is to finalize the product that you want to sell and where to procure it from.

In these simple steps you can become seller on the world’s largest e-commerce platform – Amazon.

  • Open your Seller Account on Amazon.

Register yourself as a seller by signing up on Amazon Seller Central. Once you do that, you will become an official seller and can immediately start selling the products you want to; within the guidelines given by Amazon. If you want to become a vendor, you need to go to Amazon vendor Central and follow the procedure. Amazon Seller Central Experts can further guide you in your journey as a seller or vendor.

  • Find relevant Keywords

Now that you are a seller on Amazon, you have to find the perfect keywords to make your product visible in front of its users. The keywords are quite vital when it comes to look for a particular item. Amazon uses its A9 algorithm to find the most suitable match and display them in the search results.  To find relevant keywords you can search your competitor’s product description pages and study their strong as well as weak points.

The most important factor that as a seller you need to pay attention is your product’s page. The more lucrative your page is, the more user traffic you will get. Your product listing needs to be full of relevant keywords in title, description and bullet points. The description should be appropriate, crisp and attractive for its audience not too much lengthy, otherwise they can lose their interest in your product.

  • Sponsored Campaigns

Amazon pay per click (PPC) campaign is the best way to put your products upfront without investing a fortune in advertising. Here the seller or advertiser only pays for what the user or buyer clicks on. Sellers have to pay a nominal fee to Amazon irrespective of the fact whether they make a purchase or not.

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