Amazon is the world’s most influential online market place. With over million sellers and users across the globe, it’s not an easy task to understand how things work on the platform. Having best Amazon enhanced brand content is not enough. You need some serious advertising skills or selling advantage for your brand to make it noticeable. Amazon offers a new ‘Buy box’ option to its sellers.

The Buy Box refers to the white box on the right side of the Amazon product detail page, where customers can add items for purchase to their cart and not every seller is eligible to win it. To keep up with the cut-throat competition and Amazon’s user-based approach, only the businesses with excellent seller metrics stand a chance to compete and win the buy box.

Understanding the way Amazon’s A9 algorithm function allows you to work towards increasing your performance, ultimately increases your chances of winning the Buy Box and beating the ongoing competition.

The Rotating Buy Box

  1. Competition heats up:

Amazon is removing the one-click buy button from certain product listings if it’s offered at a lower price outside of its platform. Some sellers call it “buy box suppression.” Now, “Instead of saying ‘add to cart,’ it will say ‘see all buying options.’

  1. Introducing the Buy Box for Books:

Amazon introduced a Buy Box for new books, allowing booksellers to compete with Amazon for the first time.

  1. An Increase in Price Wars:

This past year has seen an upswing in price wars, indicating that winning the Buy Box has become even more competitive than before.

The Important Buy Box Elements

While we refer to the goal of winning the Buy Box, it’s perhaps more accurate to say that a seller wins or loses a share of the Buy Box. When a seller qualifies for Amazon’s eligibility requirements, the Buy Box algorithm further breaks down the sellers given to different variables.

Amazon puts the competitors against each other to determine how they hold up on each variable for the same product. For example, the top-ranking seller of a product could hold the Buy Box for 70% of the day, while the lower-ranking seller could hold it for the remaining 30% of the day.

How Amazon Balances it

Amazon tries to maintain a balance and give the user best value for their money. This is achieved by maintaining low prices with high seller metrics. What this means, among other things, is that if you have near-perfect performance metrics, you may be able to price higher and still obtain the Buy Box.

Well, it’s true that Amazon is hard to beat. But if you have great statistics combined with low prices, it is possible.

What Makes You Buy Box Eligible?

While there’s no sure shot formula to win the Buy Box rotation, there are some criteria you must meet if you want to be in the competition:

  • Only sellers who have purchased a Professional Seller account are eligible whereas, an individual seller is not.
  • Your eligibility status can be checked in Amazon Seller Central.
  • There needs to be inventory of your listed item because, without the available stock, the Buy Box will simply rotate to another seller.
  • Your item must be new.
  • Used items aren’t eligible for the regular Buy Box. Instead there’s a separate ‘buy used’ box for such items.

How can we help you?

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