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We provide full-scale solutions to Amazon account owners who want the benefits of being present on the world’s largest online marketplace but also want the ability to be a passive owner in their business. We can do all the necessary work to optimize, manage, and maintain your Amazon account while you sit back and watch the profits roll in. If you’re ready to get started with an Amazon account management system that works for you while you sleep, then get in touch today!

Amazon account audit services

We are constantly working to make sure that your Amazon account is in good health and that all applicable methods are being utilized to ensure success.

what we Deliver

Setting Up Your Amazon Account
Product Optimization
Getting Increasingly Positive
Amazon Inventory Management
Overall Account Health
Manage Case Logs
Listing of Products and Allotting Categories
Making Multi-Variation Listing Required
Amazon Sponsored Ads Management
FBA Shipment Creation
Working on Customer Support
Manage Campaigns
“We offer a wide and comprehensive range of solutions to Amazon sellers that will help you succeed regardless of what pain points you have in your business. Whether you are seeking just one solution to help with an area that you don’t have much experience in or a full-scale solution to manage your Amazon account 24/7, we provide customized packages to fit your needs.”

our Work strategy

We employ the latest strategies in marketplace management while also adhering to traditional business practices to deliver a hybrid method of success that is well-balanced and poised to take your business to new heights.

setup account product listing management

We streamline the store launch process by uploading products singularly or in bulk, depending on the size of your catalog. Each product is optimized for CTR, conversion, and impressions. This is perhaps the most crucial step in the process as data is important for the success of your store. We make the launch process easy by implementing our own optimization techniques along with high-quality software to beat your competitors to market.

enhance brand content

Having quality content is crucial not only to draw impressions to your listing, but to convert visitors into buyers as well. We comb through every letter of content in your listing to ensure that it’s constantly working to bring in users and inform them about your product.

buy box strategy

More than 80% of purchase made on Amazon are made from the Buy Box. Mastering the Buy Box is a craft that we have plenty of experience in. We’ll implement a full-scale Buy Box strategy to ensure that you are winning all the orders and impressions from your product’s listing. This includes profit auditing and premium price automation software.

store product optimization

We analyze every single detail of your product and optimize it for your desired keywords. We specialize in turning raw data into customer conversion and increased item rank. Your entire store will be an optimized entity that earns more impressions and clicks than your competitors and beats industry averages for each of those data points.
Customers Review for us
A newbie in the online market, we are a fashion Lingerie brand based in New Delhi, India, who was struggling until last year to expand business via various eCommerce sites. Don’t know what we would be doing without Hikecommerce. They guided us and manages product listings, marketing strategies, provides content and all that is required to run our online store.

Hikecommerce is just wonderful! We have seen a visible boost in our business on Amazon and other platforms since we hired them to promote and expand our women’s wear fashion brand that was founded 18 years ago in London,UK. Led by trained executives, we can completely rely on their smart and unique online marketing techniques.

A family run business in Toronto Ontario, Canada, been around since 2008, we offer a wide range of cosmetic grade synthetic powders and creative paints. We are happy to be clients of Hikecommerce, who brought us increased orders and sales via Amazon. Absolutely in love with their professionalism and dedication towards business development strategies.

Our Pricing Plan

We offer flexible and comprehensive pricing plans to fit the needs of our clients. Our 3 tiers of pricing provide an option for any online entrepreneur.
Hike Commerce is an industry leading complete e-commerce solution provider all over the world. We provide all services which are required to make your online store efficient Store.
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