Amazon is the top choice of millions of people world – wide because you can find anything from A to Z on the largest e – commerce website. And when it comes to starting a new business online or expanding your existing business is what anyone would blindly consider. Just register as a seller, list the product to sell and you are done. Now all you need to do is optimize your Amazon account and product listing regularly for better response. Because of high competition, you might even want to start with Amazon seller advertising to improve the visibility of your product.

If as a seller you wish to make it big on Amazon, you should concentrate towards getting good and positive product reviews because they possess a great power to influence your sales.

Amazon Vine Program

It is a product review program that is launched by Amazon few years back to help sellers in getting honest and good product feedback. Through this Program Amazon invites few customers to get a free product in exchange for a genuine review. Those ‘few customers’ are known as Amazon’s ‘vine voices’ based on the ranking of their reviews. These rankings are decided by their feedback’s helpfulness to other buyers while purchasing a particular product. After a seller’s enrollment in ‘Vine Program’ you will have to provide a free product to any ‘vine voice’ that requests to review your listed item.

Please be informed that this would not guarantee a positive but a genuine product review. As a seller, you need to focus on maintaining the quality of your product and its functionality, because I something is not right, they wouldn’t hesitate to leave a negative review.

Advantages of Amazon’s Vine program

You can’t possibly pressurize a customer to provide you a review for the product they purchased from you, no matter how happy they are with it. So, of course there are benefits for a seller through the Vine Program in getting ratings and higher rankings.

  • A seller can receive up to 30 persuasive reviews from the vine voices which can help you in increasing your sales.
  • You get to enroll to the vine program without any additional fee except for the products that you sent them for free.
  • These are detailed and high – quality reviews instead of much seen and received one-liner or one – word feedback.
  • They are a driving force for your sales and have the capacity to influence the buyers in ordering or not purchasing your product.

Disadvantages of Amazon’s Vine program

Just like any other scheme, everything that has some pros has its cons too.

  • Amazon doesn’t guarantee specific positive reviews through Vine program.
  • Vine voices may even choose not to provide any review at all.
  • This is limited to only the sellers who are brand registered.


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