Frequently Asked Questions

Our engagements begin with a two-week trial period, giving you time to evaluate the resource(s) we've assigned to your project. If you're satisfied with the results at the end of the trial period, we'll invoice you for the time and continue the working arrangement for as long as you'd like. If you're not satisfied, you won't be billed for those hours. In that case, we will provide you with a different expert who may be a better fit and begin a second, no-risk trial period.

In most cases, we can match you with the right talent for your project in 5 days or less. However, depending on your requirements and our available resources, we may be able to fill the role the same day you contact us.

HikeCommerce takes the necessary time to properly vet candidates to provide the services we offer. Our vetting process includes five steps: a Pre-Interview Screening, an Initial Exploratory Screening, an In-Depth Technical Screening and Interview, a Live Coding Challenge, and a thorough Background Check. We seek and select excellent communicators that proactively take ownership of business and product objectives without micromanagement. In addition, we get to know our team members and have a good sense of what projects they fit best. Let our expert team match you with the right talent today!

HikeCommerce goes to great lengths to ensure that this doesn't happen. We understand that dependability is critical to your project's success. Our experts prioritize availability and reliability. However, in the extremely unlikely event that your resource is unavailable, we will either find another expert that can fill in or credit the time billed.

We don't use freelancers at HikeCommerce., ensuring the highest quality work on each project. Every team member has undergone a rigorous vetting process and is employed by HikeCommerce.

After you submit your application, the HikeCommerce team will review your information. We strive to review each application promptly and will contact you as soon as possible if we decide to move to the next step in the hiring process with your application.

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