Guide To Becoming A Digital Marketing Freelancer

Admin Oct 10, 2022

Here we have the perfect guide for becoming a top digital marketing freelancer. It's a guide for beginners who wish to do freelance work or make a career switch to join the interesting world of digital marketing.

What do we mean by freelance digital marketing?

Digital Marketing freelancers provide freelancing services to clients. They work from the comfort of their home and work on all sorts of digital marketing projects.

The demand for digital marketing jobs is growing, making freelance digital marketing a sought-after career option.

Freelance Marketers can be their bosses, fix timings according to convenience, and do something productive and valuable at the same time.

If you do not pursue freelancing, you can use your experience and skills to begin with your online business like an agency or even get a high paid job and work as a digital marketing manager.

What are the main duties of a digital marketing freelancer?

Different from normal freelancing jobs, a freelance marketer has to don different avatars. Digital Marketing has various channels and procedures. You should have certain skills to provide the best services to clients.

Besides the technical tasks, you must also know how to make work proposals, handle invoices, project management, accounting, and reporting.

To help you get an idea of what real freelance jobs look like, here are some basic tasks that marketing freelancers can not survive without:

  1. Tracking job websites for new projects.
  2. Submitting job proposals to get new clients.
  3. Coming across new and old clients.
  4. Replying to emails.
  5. Getting connected to other freelancers.
  6. Working on your website or blog.
  7. Creating your brand.
  8. Optimizing customer websites for Search Engine Optimisation.
  9. Making PPC campaigns run on platforms like Bing Ads and Google Ads.
  10. Implementing both free and paid Fb campaigns.
  11. Designing the best campaigns for email marketing.
  12. Generating campaigns for fulfilling various online marketing campaign needs.
  13. Having a superb digital marketing strategy and action plan designed for clients.
  14. Generating project reports every month.
  15. Handing out invoices to clients.

How can you be a Freelance Digital Marketing Professional?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to be the best digital marketing freelancer.

  • Manage your time intelligently
  • Master the required skills for a creative career in digital marketing.
  • Freelancers don't always get opportunities to enroll in courses automatically. They need to pursue certain online digital marketing courses on their own.
  • Independent entrepreneurs do not have the benefits of reporting to management or outsourcing work to different companies. Still, they must be capable of providing solutions and solving issues without help from outside.

How can freelancers hone their skills?

  • The best way is to work with an experienced digital marketer efficiently. If you know the simple things, there are lots of basic digital marketing jobs that you can apply for. You can spend a little time browsing online courses and receiving a certification.

After that, begin working on building a business website and sharpen your digital marketing skills. You might also get a website designed to help grow your freelance business.

This is essential, and something freelance marketers either forget or don't focus on.

Your website will usually be the central point of your business. It's the platform where you get to present your achievements and talk about your services, and it is also the medium for clients to reach out to you. Therefore, it must be uncomplicated, professional, and well optimized for SEO.

In the case of freelance business, you'll arrive at a point where it will be hard for you to manage all the work on your own, and you must hire employees to help you out.

After some time, if you plan to make a business partnership or sell your business, it will be convenient with a business-oriented website instead of a personal brand.

  • Launch a blog on digital marketing

Despite what you prefer, blogging is something you must work on from the first day, even before you begin working for clients.

Content is the best way to finalize deals with clients instead of selling yourself or your services.

Blogging does away with the requirements for advertising your services with the help of paid ads. 

Start a digital marketing blog and publish content to help your potential clients understand how you can help them with digital marketing.

In your blog, you must mention the topics related to your freelance services.

You can generate more leads through your blogs by showing clients that you easily understand their problems while running digital marketing campaigns.

How to build your brand as a freelancer?

Initially, you need to publish your content on websites with high traffic. These websites must be related to your services. This is usually called guest posting in the digital marketing world. Publishing your articles on popular websites gives you innumerable benefits.

Links attached to your website:

This is perfect for off-page SEO efforts and rankings. 

Flowing traffic to your website: 

Popular websites get innumerable visitors every day, and if they enjoy your content, they will keep visiting your website again and again.


Whenever prospective clients do a google search and notice your guest's posts, it becomes superb for your reputation.

Another way to construct your brand is by using the power of social networks. For example, having personal pages on business networks like LinkedIn and Twitter helps connect with different marketing professionals.

To win more followers, you have to ensure that your profile shows who you are, your work details, and significant post content on your pages.

Form some great alliances with other freelancers.

It would help if you started an actual conversation with the help of Email or Skype.

There are lots of reasons why you need to do it continuously.

  1. You can share with similar-minded professionals.
  2. You can promote your brand and çontent with the help of your connections.
  3. You can easily receive and share referrals.
  4. You might work with them for services you might not provide and normally continue with the client relationships.
  5. It's always great to have people to talk to so that you know that there is someone who has knowledge regarding the dangers of the business and can provide solid advice.
  6. You can start by interacting with fellow freelancers on social platforms and contacting them with a personalized email.
  7. Making real connections in the industry can help you in expanding your business.

Where can you discover the best freelance digital marketing jobs for yourself?

The best way to build your creative career as a freelancer is through the help of freelance job portals like HikeCommerce.

There are innumerable digital marketing jobs that you can apply to by tracking the job posts on these websites.

Final Words

These are the final tips that you must follow:

Get ready at the right time- 

Check out the job postings on the freelance websites and note the desirable ones. After that, you can prepare some templates to send your application.

Be prompt at submitting your application-

Most job posts might end up with 50-60 applications within a few hours. People searching for services never go through the complete list but choose the first candidate with the perfect skills. This is why it's necessary to submit as quickly as possible.

Keep minimal rates-

You'll have higher chances of getting hired in the starting if your rates are low. Mention that your rates are negotiable. As soon as you start talking, you can convince the client that you are the best digital marketing freelancer and finalize a better rate.

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