A Must Follow Checklist for Becoming Self-employed.

Admin Nov 07, 2022

Being self-employed is a major wish for most of us. Starting a brand new business and not being answerable to a boss are the biggest dreams dreamt by many. If you are a disciplined visionary with a properly designed plan, you can achieve major success in all your business endeavors.

You must follow these steps if you are thinking about how to be self-employed and begin your own business.

Find out your passion.

While deciding what business to do, be careful!! Never decide based on something popular at present. Instead, make sure you select something that makes you enthusiastic and happy. Passion and success might not be in sync, but you'd surely defeat the stressful times if you love what you do.

Check your Skills 

Self-employment is not easy. Passion is not enough to be a success. Along with being fond of what you do, you must be an expert at it. If you can not draw or paint and are only fond of it, you won't be able to become a successful artist.

Whatever the case be, there are many ways to make lots of money doing something you love. Like, you can use your love for art to build a successful art shop, where you can easily sell the best quality paintings, or you might become an art teacher or art collector.

Before you think of becoming a member and an independent contractor, it's essential to check your skills properly. Do you possess actual raw talent and abilities for your business to succeed? If not, you need to plan whether more education or courses can equip you with the perfect skills.

You can check out this blog to learn how freelancers can leverage social media to find clients?

Construct a plan

Beginning an enterprise without a proper business plan is like going out for a trip without knowing the destination. You must know about your long and short-term plans and how you'll achieve them. Here are a few things you must make a part of your endeavor.

General business details have the

 1. Business description, including the type of business, the things you sell or produce etc.

2. The location of the business.

3. The permit and license.

4. The employee and management infrastructure

5. The target Market

6. Plans for marketing

7. Financial docs

8. Plan for the operation

Legal Formalities

As soon as you build a plan in detail, you must spend the least amount of time floundering and maximum working towards your main motive. Think about your project is your roadmap to success.

Make sure that your business is legal.

Confirm whether you are using the best legal channels while starting a business. Different needs depend on what business you start with. Here are some of the most common business formats that you can use:


Sole Proprietorship

Limited Liability Company(LLC)


LLCs and corporations are most sought after by startups as they protect their members from the dangers of debt and court judgments. They also give a protective cushion so you can construct your business without worry. Whatever happens, you must know about the different options and ways you can work independently.

Buy business insurance

Safeguard your financial resources by buying insurance. Depending on your industry, you might wish to refer to an experienced insurance agent to know what coverage varieties you require.

Some industries have high risks and need many more options for insurance coverage, while the low-risk industries might not require much insurance coverage. More than anything else, ensure that you fulfill the minimum insurance needs mentioned by the state and federal laws.

Get Proper Financing

Many startups depend on financing, to begin with, so don't think that you need to appear with the money all on your own. Possessing a trusted source of flexible funding will help you get off to a wonderful beginning. A small business loan is also a wonderful way to build up credit.

Getting Started as a Self-Employed Professional 

Now, let us come to the best part of all. Setting up a shop and formally starting your business is a mindblowing milestone for being self-employed. Here are some points that you need to adopt before officially setting up a shop:

  • Safeguard your area
  • Install net and phone lines
  • Negotiate your lease
  • Market your brand new business
  • Get registered on a freelance website

If you have your business outside your home, you will not need to be worried about saving a location or finalizing your lease. You'll still require a distinct phone line for your business. In case you do not have a phone line, you'll have to think of buying another mobile phone or sim card so that you get to keep your personal and professional calls separate. HikeCommerce is a platform that provides you with pre-vetted, highly groomed, talented, creative professionals for your business. You can hire a single individual or an entire team based on your requirements. Check out the website to know how you can be a self-employed professional.

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