Top 7 Platforms to hire pre-vetted talent in 2022

Admin Dec 07, 2022

Freelance platforms make it easy for companies to find and hire independent talent for temporary job roles or special projects. These platforms provide a marketplace for businesses to go through freelancer profiles based on skills, experience, location, etc. 

Besides that, companies can also post a project description and secure proposals from expert, pre-vetted talent. These talents help companies of various sizes outsource work on projects needing specialized skills or extra workforce, giving full-time employees free time to focus on other business activities. Several platforms focus solely on sourcing freelancers with particular skills, like writing, design, or programming, whereas others provide marketplaces for professionals with innumerable skills.

Companies usually use the sourcing functionality of freelance platforms in sync with freelancer handling systems that help businesses manage payments, availability, and project completion for all freelancers employed by the industry. 

Let's find out about these top 5 platforms to hire pre-vetted talent in 2022.


Upwork started more than two decades back. It has built a great way of working, helping businesses come across increased flexibility and connecting talented individuals with more significant opportunities.

Their target is to build economic opportunities for people, improve their lives and take them to a better place.

As a result, they have turned into the world's most significant work marketplace where businesses of various sizes and independent talent from across the globe meet each day to achieve unbelievable things. Like others, Upwork has impacted the lives of millions.


 HikeCommerce is a reputed offshore company in India providing excellent, cost-effective outsourced talent to businesses worldwide. They have intelligently provided plenty of staff augmentation solutions for businesses in different industries. HC works towards understanding the requirements, then matches the perfect talent from the hired network talent to fill up the role. Their  hard work towards delivering resources on a project basis, like app developers, software testers, virtual admin, etc can be seen in the client reviews. 

Whether it's an individual or an entire team, HikeCommerce is always ready to provide the talent that you need, exactly when you need them. The pre-vetted experts are prompt and ready to handle any project. The experts at HC are capable of developing a whole new app, handling product launch, optimising your website for the search engines and fulfilling all other requirements at the wink of an eye.


The entire team at contently puts in hard work, passion, and commitment. Everyone constantly gets together to build an improved content world, whether it's a brief PowerPoint presentation or a yearly development project. Marketing has a soul in a world where most of the content is fantastic. The content creators are empowered and motivated to do backbreaking work.

It is a universe where important stories get told in the best way. They proudly work on the most ambitious content marketing programs after partnering with giant companies like Dell, RBC, Bank of the West, Marriott, and many others. Their power-packed content marketing platform and worldwide freelance network provide these brands with all they need to make content delightful for their audience, building deep-rooted relationships and driving positive results.


Fiverr has turned into one of the most sought-after online freelance platforms. The registration process with Fiverr is relatively easy. You can get registered, crack the test and log in. Fiverr is easy to use and handle. There are innumerable options for freelancers as well as those who hire. It is the 2nd most popular platform to hire pre-vetted talent after upwork.

This one is the world's most extensive freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace in terms of the number of users and available projects. They connect more than 63,214,703 employers and freelancers from more than 247 nations, areas, and territories. With the help of their marketplace, employers can hire freelancers for work in industries like software development, writing, design, data entry, engineering, sales, marketing accounting, legal services, etc. Get registered on and find out more.


This one is an elite network connecting the world's best talent. Toptal has brought together the best talent in business, design, and tech with the most significant global organizations. With the help of Toptal, you can belong to the top 3% of talent in the world while working on your terms.

It is one of the fastest-growing, completely remote freelance networks that empower freelancers. Whether you are looking for a software developer, a designer, a finance expert, a product manager, or a project manager who wishes to grow and achieve success in their freelance career, Toptal is the best option for all.


Gloat is on a mission to revolutionize the modern workforce, bring agility to the largest enterprise, and put employees in a suitable position to achieve it all. At Gloat, talent moves freely between projects and teams. People from various backgrounds come together from all around the world. The communication channel is always open, and the doors are never closed. Anything might happen, and everything begins from here. Just be quick to launch your next significant initiative. Fill up the roles as fast as possible. You get talent based on the altering market needs. Fix a project and discover the best talent that you need to begin moving forward.

These platforms are of great help to the growing number of self-employed professionals. Get registered on HikeCommerce to find the best opportunities and get found by the giants in the industry.


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