How has the metaverse trend affected the lives of freelancers?

Admin Dec 16, 2022

The metaverse trend is inaccurate, but with a lot of hard work on research & development by technology giants like Meta and Microsoft and the growing participation from influential global brands like Disney, Acura, etc. The exact form of the metaverse is being defined as an increasing network of extended reality digital spaces where people can mingle with each other. Play games, work, learn and spend a lot of money.

The timeline shows how 3D advances, virtual reality, and gaming have resulted in the present state of the metaverse. In 1984, a researcher coined the term "virtual reality" to explain the immersive, graphical worlds. 

In 1992, Neal Stephenson created the term "metaverse" in his novel Snow Crash. The 3D social world Second Life was launched in 2003. In 2014, Facebook successfully acquired the VR hardware maker Oculus and the 3D virtual game World of Warcraft, which reached the 10 million subscribers goal. 

In 2020 and 2021, the metaverse platforms Decentraland and Sandbox were launched. Even Fb changed its name to Meta and announced its vision for the metaverse.

1st Metaverse Prediction:

It will not become mainstream for 3 to 5 years. A few major global corporations have already put their toes in the metaverse pool, launching a branded presence on independent platforms like Decentraland and Sandbox. The previous metaverse platforms are still tiny, and the graphics quality and user experience are inferior because of the graphic limitations in the present VR headsets and mobiles.

Suppose you look at a screenshot of the entry of our Sandbox virtual platform. When we get into it, the pixelated avatars of users can be seen in an open public area looking like a courtyard or a quad. There are many buildings, sidewalks, and billboards where avatars can move and explore.

A proper screenshot of the Sandbox entry, a metaverse platform based on blockchain having simple 3-dimensional graphics.

The initial adopters may wish to enter the metaverse for brand recognition and research/ development.

Is there any immediate requirement for most companies to stake the claim at such a tender stage?

Our experts might say no, as most businesses miss out on branding and revenue opportunities this year.

Over the next few years, the metaverse trend will shift to the mainstream as lots of businesses will join, and maximum experts feel that the platforms will be visible by 2025. There are lots of companies that can slowly take their time, but the leaders make sure that

they at least remain updated with the latest trends.

2nd Prediction

The critical question is, when will the metaverse become so established that it will not be possible for businesses with a positive online image to avoid it? Mark Zuckerberg mentioned in April 2022 that he thinks Meta will earn negligible revenue in the metaverse for the next few years. Still, the work that the company in the sector is doing is fixing up the base for an exciting 2030. Our experts know that by 2030, the metaverse will be hard to escape.

What about Phishing?

People have understood how to notice and prevent routine scams, or malicious dangers conveyed through email or text messages with the help of ransomware attacks faced by organizations and government agencies. This is a bug problem. Not just spear-phishing and similar attacks are likely to be possible in the metaverse. Still, all the elements that end up making the extended reality worlds appealing and the social avatars in natural 3-dimensional spaces could make social engineering hard to fight against. 

Unregulated cryptocurrency 

 The already existing metaverse platforms are based on cryptocurrencies, block gain, and NFTs technologies that come with security risks and liabilities like repository or wallet theft and minting of illegitimate NFTs. 

Before this, the metaverse was being broadly adopted, and there was a growing need to regulate underlying technologies to ensure that the participants could safeguard their data and funds. 

3rd Prediction for Metaverse Trend:

Design and Technology Services will be in high demand. Many organizations have set out to search for top talent for it.

Launching a branded presence in the metaverse can be pretty tough. It's an easy task to bid on a virtual plot for your firm from an existing metaverse provider. Still, it's always another person who builds that location in a safe and visually attractive manner.

There are not too many professionals for branding, design, and UX for the metaverse– it's still entirely new. The sector is getting heated, stated Pushkar Patange, a virtual, augmented reality designer.

Some specific trends and patterns can be followed. In the metaverse, we can build, fine-tune and iterate on patterns as we construct. It's quite a struggle, but we can be on the tip of technology. That's why it's thrilling, and there can be backbreaking work behind it all.

Do you wish to shift to freelance? Follow these steps.

4th Metaverse Prediction:

According to the metaverse trends 2022, standardization is approaching. Well, there is a growing conflict between the two metaverse visions. Decentraland and the Sandbox promote the decentralized, metaverse future that can be consistently operated with autonomous organizations. Giant technology firms like Meta and Apple are suited for vertical walled gardens because of trying to dominate a sector or technology completely.


Even if there are better times for your company to fix a shop in the metaverse, the time is coming near. Significant investment from major Big Tech and retail players suggests that businesses of all sizes must begin to track the industry, and the competitive developments, brainstorm for the use cases and work on relationships with talented vendors and knowledgeable advisors. 

These steps will help them prepare for a digital future containing unexpected growth and opportunities. Please keep checking the hikecommerce blog section to know more about the metaverse trend.


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