How Freelancers can Leverage Social Media to Find Clients?

Admin Jul 17, 2022

Finding new clients might be a massive problem for freelancers. Whether a beginner or an experienced freelancer, you must understand the significance of handling good, reliable clients and how to prevent running out of clients, as clients are your bread and butter.

Sharing pitches and receiving referrals are the most effective ways freelancers can launch new gigs, but it is most easy to use Social Media for your bidding. If like most people, you spend hours on social media, you must make use of it in the best way to improve your freelance business.

Here are some easy ways to use social media to get new clients.

Communicate On Fb Groups

FB groups are gaining popularity because they make it easy to connect to people with similar passions, careers, experiences, etc. Try joining some FB groups exclusively for Freelancers in your area and begin talking to the group members.  You'll be asked to introduce yourself to the group in most situations. Try to track all the posts, respond to them, share valuable tips, and promote personal projects if allowed.

At times, people might also share leads and opportunities for other freelancers or links to freelance websites. Last week, we found a post on one of the FB groups about somebody searching for a writer to do some work, so we followed it. We would not have come to know about the job or approached the person if we didn't belong to the FB group.

Freelancers must remain active on LinkedIn.

Linkedin is a superb Social Media platform that can be used to get freelance gigs. It's a wonderful way to remain in touch with people you know and even the unknown ones with whom you can form a professional association in the future. You must follow various organizations to see when they are open to hiring and can join the different groups to remain updated on the latest alerts and opportunities. Don't forget to complete your entire LinkedIn profile and specify that you are a freelancer in the heading.

Keep at least one day in the week to update your status. Update it regularly and also post work examples for your entire network. The best thing about LinkedIn is that there is no requirement to spend endless hours on it. If you put in continuous efforts, you'll be able to make more connections and generate more leads for freelance gigs.

Look for Hashtags

Never underestimate the magic of hashtags. They are the easiest way to connect to members with similar interests or seek attention from several companies and grab the best chances.

Twitter and Instagram make looking for hashtags on any topic uncomplicated. Like, if you are an established freelance writer, you can easily search for hashtags like #freelancewriter #freelancer #publisher #writingjobs #searchingforawriter. You can find them on Twitter and Instagram to connect with companies wishing to hire people.

This is a wonderful way to stay in touch with companies and follow them. It might also bring about work opportunities for you in the future. 

You can also follow brands and websites you wish to write for on social media or find out the respective contact person in case you wish to send a pitch.

We have experience starting friendly conversations on Twitter, which led to email pitches for freelance gigs. There are lots of freelance websites that can help you out.

Flaunt your Creative Side on Instagram

Instagram is basically about visual content. That's why it's perfect for photographers, designers, and other professionals. All freelancers can use Instagram to flaunt their creativity in front of the world.

You can share your best work, and Instagram is basically regarding visual content. This makes it a sought-after platform for photographers, graphic designers, content curators, and other creative professionals. Experts with the best freelancer skills can easily use Instagram to showcase their creative side.

Web designers can easily post web screenshots and screen recordings. You can flaunt your finest work and have insightful conversations with your followers. The entire motive is to show prospective clients what they can expect.

You can ideally create a business profile for Instagram. You can write down an attractive bio and mention a link to your website or LinkedIn page. This won't just make you look professional, but you'll also have advanced analytics in your hands. Utilize the comments area to explain your workflow while posting new content. For example, you can discuss a new trend that inspired your work. Please use proper hashtags to make it uncomplicated for prospective clients to search your content on Instagram.

Concluding Words

Social Media is a major part of the present society, which makes it important to turn it into an active part of your freelance business and marketing plans. The good thing is that Social Media is free, which increases the potential for ROI.
There's nothing to worry about spending a lot of time on social media to be able to introduce yourself on freelance gigs. Just select some of your favorite freelancer platforms, like HikeCommerce, and use them well-planned for around half an hour every week to get the best results.

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