How Freelancers Will Help Your Team Be More Agile?

Admin Nov 15, 2022

Today, we are going to talk about freelancers making your team more agile. Every year begins with a let's grow wish. No matter where you go to work or what you do. For a business to succeed, you need to rise with hard work and dedication. This is why you must make a quick move and remain agile and flexible no matter how much you rise.

This mantra is being followed by everyone these days. Product managers need to release the features quickly. Marketing needs to reach the customers immediately. Learning & Development professionals should be able to help their colleagues rise. Creative talents who work from home, are the saviors in such situations.

Who is the main person influencing your agility?

It's your workforce. In a world that moves at supersonic speed, your ability to come across the perfect people for delivering your projects becomes important. Despite everything, skilled people are hard to come across. Isn't it?

Hiring full-time employees is not always the right thing or the only way. There is always someone else over there. They might be known as side hustlers, self-employed contractors, or freelancers. Leaders in different departments have been happy using their services for many years.

Information you did not know about project freelancers.

The best way to know about the market is by viewing the numbers. We have collected some cool data about talented individuals who work from anywhere in the world and also about work-from-home jobs. It will provide you with a complete picture of what today's market has experienced in recent years.

In 2018, 54% of the entire Google Workforce were Freelancers.

(Source: Bloomberg)

Around 41% of people with advanced-level degrees have freelance businesses. 61% of freelancers are active and sell just 2-3 skills. 

Two years back, freelance job openings grew over 25 Percent between April and June. 


Freelancers will portray 80% of the entire workforce by 2030.

3 biggest freelancing myths busted:

  • It isn't easy to have consistent communication with freelancers.

They will not be with you all the time, every work day. Applications like Slack and Microsoft Teams simplify communication. You can build channels, add all who work on your project over there, and begin chatting immediately, as well as build a community with your team.

  • Communication with a project freelancer is just like communication with an in-house consultant. Even if they are not available all the time, you can always mark your expectations from the beginning about the work time, deadlines, and methods in which you can approach the project at hand.
  • Additionally, setting up particular time slots will benefit your focus and productivity.
  • Selecting a communication channel and having expectations from both parties will make the existing relationship similar to the one you have with an in-house specialist.

Freelancers are difficult to choose 

There are lots of freelancers over there. How are you expected to choose the best one for your project by only looking at their profile?

  1. As the competition is intense, an essential asset that project freelancers possess is their skills. An Edelman intelligence report shows that 59% of project freelancers have actively participated in polishing their skills over the last 6 months vs. 36% of non-freelancers. What does that mean for you?
  2.  In-house consultants.

Since the competition has become so turbulent, the most important asset is that project freelancers possess skills. Based on an Edelman Intelligence report, around 59% of the part time workers have actively participated in skills training for the past 6 months vs. 36% of non-freelancers. What does that signify? It means that they are doing well in their game. Hurray!!

  1. Project freelancers learn other hidden skills from their work besides their technical skills. Initially, they must present themselves in front of clients so they expand their marketing skills. Second, they wish you to come back to them with their gigs, so they consider you one of their clients. They take great interest in communicating efficiently, remaining organized, and remaining dedicated to deadlines. This is why they are well-versed in soft skills. Other than that, they wish that you contact them again. What does it signify? It means they will perform well in their role and work extra hard to give you a good impression.

The average per-hour rate of freelancers is much lower than that of in-house employees, and you'll also reduce recruitment, perks, and onboarding prices. You must know that you shouldn't have to buy them anything, impress them with your modern ping pong table, or let the beer tap overflow. Still, kindness and warm gestures can go a long way.

To talk to you guys about this deep dive, we transformed into complete research mode and collected some data given below.

This will help you start working on your project quickly.

The average time to hire will come down by about 50%. You can begin working on your projects quickly. Like everyone else, freelancers must be onboarded as well. In-house specialists are entirely different from your new freelancer. If you are currently working on a project, talk about the specific things about it, and you are ready to work towards achieving your end goal. 

Project freelancers bring about a huge variety of experience from various industries, projects, and companies.

Maximum time, freelancers don't just work for you. They look for other approaches, perspectives, and implementations for different companies.

Instead of thinking about how they perform things, you can learn a lot from their experience by asking questions and giving attention to all their stories.

Freelance jobs have their pros and cons.

Also, check out our blogs section to learn How Freelancers can Leverage Social Media to Find Clients?


Lastly, if something is not fine in your relationship with an employee, the damage caused will cost you compensatory salaries, and a trusted employee will leave your company. That is a huge loss.

If the relationship with a freelancer does not go well, it will cost you only the amount you have invested, which is not too much. Hiring a freelancer will help you grow and raise your career. Check out hike commerce to hire the best freelancers and get the best project gigs/work-from-home jobs.

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