How much does it cost to hire an SEO expert in the USA?

Admin Jul 17, 2022

Have you ever thought why some SEO firms charge $500 each month and some of them charge more than $10,000? Let us look at the significant differences in pricing and why a SEO agency would cost more than the others.

Whenever a business plans to hire an SEO organisation or hire an SEO expert, they do it to fill the gap in their business skills or expertise. It's a necessary decision that is mostly right, as the expansion of your business depends on how successful your search marketing campaign is. This is why, with no in-house SEO specialists to assist you in evaluating potential companies and the difficult SEO terms, how can your business start understanding what all SEO services are required by them?

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Essential facts related to SEO Prices:

  • The average SEO prices range from $100 to $250 per hour for US SEO organizations.
  • The average SEO plan will cost you $2819 each month.
  • Most SEO companies around the world cost $10-$50 per hour.
  • You must be careful about the guarantee of SEO results. It can be a trap.
  • Templated SEO packages have lost their popularity.
  • Custom SEO plans are required for excellent results.
  • Look at the hidden prices for link construction.
  • The SEO budget is mostly less for local campaigns.

Pricing for SEO Monthly Plan:

Remain aware of all companies promising to construct a specific number of backlinks every month, particularly because the quality and importance of backlinks directing to your website is usually more essential than the quantity. As our planned tasks and SEO activities are scheduled monthly for arrangement & streamlining workflow, our plans are not restricted by these kinds of properly arranged monthly packages. Our SEO services are rather specially customized so that we get to work on something that will deliver the biggest Return on investment.

Standard SEO Plan Prices when you hire an SEO expert:

Standard SEO plans start from $250-$3,000 every month and normally comprise of:

  • Focus based on the locality
  • Research for keywords
  • Set up & configuration based on Analytics
  • Discussion about the monthly plans
  • Creation of Title Tag & Meta Tag
  • Construction of internal links
  • Editing of content & Optimization of content.
  • Customized monthly report
  • Review Calls every month

What's the per hour charge of SEO?

Hourly SEO charges are almost about $50-$250 every hour. In case your business makes a few hundred dollars in online revenue, you cannot expect to witness a quick turnaround on $1,000 that you spend monthly on SEO. If you wish to pay hourly, you can always hire a consultant or an agency to do an SEO Audit and pay hourly for particular SEO services as required. If you need immediate output with a website that has not received much exposure, you'll benefit a lot by exchanging your SEO efforts with paid advertising, like Google ads campaign to start with.

How much do SEO Services cost?

It does not matter whom you trust for the final SEO services for your business, how much SEO costs in the end, depends on multiple variables like:

  • The previous visibility in organic search.

In case you are beginning with a totally new website with 0 domain authority and no previous rankings, you can pay a lot more or wait for long durations to get the best results.

  • Previous brand awareness and exposure as well as the Company expertise in delivering SEO services.

 This is usually true as it is particularly for your niche within that particular industry.

It includes the Business targets and goals and also the role that you expect for organic traffic from search engines like Google and Bing, while working towards the goals.

  • The total competitiveness varies based on your industry and the bunch of keywords that you need to target in urgency.

SEO takes a lot of time to be effective, so fast results need a lot of time and resources.

  • The target audience and demographic are essential

If you are trying to run a national or global level SEO campaign, or in case you are a local business functioning within a restricted geographical area. This might or might not influence the total price of your SEO campaign.

Certain e-commerce SEO Pricing facts that you must know are:

  • E-commerce SEO services are extremely expensive.
  • It is usually $150 to $300 per hour for U.S based SEO companies.
  • You'll have to pay around $2,000 to $10,000 each month.
  • Stay informed of the SEO agencies without any prior ecommerce experience.
  • Plans cost much more in case of content creation
  • Link building services demand additional fees.

What influences the SEO prices?

The SEO specialists who have actual expertise and in depth capacity tend to get the best results and hence can demand greater rates. This is why they deliver the best results again and again. They are busy. They have more online companies requesting SEO services and their services are more costly because of the organic traffic generated by them.

How do you know if the SEO costs you are being charged are justifiable?

Whenever you wish to drive good traffic to your website, SEO can be a cost-effective marketing tactic that is readily available. You also have other options like paid search marketing through Google Ads

Another fantastic way to look at the Return on Investment is by analyzing the number of sales and leads that you drive with the help of organic traffic. For example, if you spend $5,000 every month on SEO, utilizing about $250,000 every month in online sales, and you are left with a profit margin of 20%, you are lucky to have $45,000 every month. Using basic maths and thinking of your SEO investment can help you considerably and make you comfortable by paying your monthly invoice.

Select an SEO organization that provides excellent value.

If we speak about it in general, we get what we pay for with the help of SEO, but people need to do some vetting before selecting an SEO organization. Given below are a few tips related to that:

Search for proven results. Search for case studies and ask the organizations you're thinking of for a few actual examples of their success. In case they struggle or have hesitations about providing you with stories of success. It might be that they weren't successful.

Listen to previous clients. Please read the reviews on their website as well as on other websites. Always remember that even the most prominent companies will have specific negative reviews, so neglect them and look for the trends that overarch. If you encounter repetitive red flags, you must keep moving forward.

Directly talk to the team. Ask them to get on a call with the actual employees who will handle your SEO account or talk to the one who manages the entire SEO dept. 


Stay safe! Unfortunately, assuming that those companies charging the most must have the most significant expertise or "excellent SEO services" is rarely a practical approach. Don't think about the price if you are tasked with hiring an SEO expert or an SEO company for your business. Instead, choose the company that instils the maximum confidence in its ability to deliver a Return on investment based on the budget your business decides to save for the SEO services.

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