How to differentiate a legit Freelance gig from a non-legit one?

Admin Oct 04, 2022

Getting a legit freelance gig of your choice is worth celebrating as an independent professional. We have been trained to achieve all it takes to succeed and get hired. Whatever the case be, you should be careful of all red flags that grab your attention. At times, the project might appear fake or suspicious. Based on the Freelancers Union, 44% of the freelancers claim that a client has cheated them, and it was hard for them to find out about the missing payments. You can easily protect yourself by sending various contracts to your clients. You can not always be after them, but you quickly get legal backing if something is wrong.

Keep reading to know whether the work-from-home job you are applying to is legit or not.

Cross-check the company

If the description on the freelance job listing website is not similar to the company website's, then it's a dangerous sign. Take some time to browse the company website and find out what they do. This is not just an excellent way to get you ready for an interview but also a sign that the company exists in reality.

Do proper research before agreeing to work with them. You can also check social media to see how the company does its marketing. Take a step in case they have sketchy accounts that appear like spam. Certain websites like the Rip-off Report and the Better Business Bureau will inform you whether they have cheated the other freelancers or not.

Glassdoor is another excellent resource that will help you review various companies and job positions. Browse through your particular company and go through everything that people say. Don't forget that bad reviews and no reviews are different. Poor reviews mean that the job is not up to the mark, but at least the job is confirmed.

Carefully Read The Application

Be careful of vague descriptions while searching through your freelance job listing. Be sure that you will be able to do the job well. Ask your clients about the list of deadlines if you have a bunch of projects you need to handle. If they cannot provide you with estimation or are not sure what you'll be working on now, think of it as a danger sign.

Prevent getting cornered by making your client first sign a contract with a well-defined description. Scammers sometimes hand you over a project that doesn't justify the amount of work that must be done. You wouldn't have to get into that situation as soon as the contract is signed.

One tip from our side is to keep asking questions regarding the company, and the job description must clearly explain everything you'll be doing. Maximum Work from-home jobs need at least some experience and skills. There are jobs with the no experience required tag. Be careful while applying to them.

A Legit Freelance Gig Never Asks For Payment 

Wiring money is not a secure way to pay people. Legitimate companies usually never ask for payment for an interview or a resume review. Never trust a freelance job listing telling you they'll send a laptop to your address as soon as you pay them for software.

There are many freelance job listings dedicated to helping you come across work. Websites like AngelList, LinkedIn and UpWork are the best and safe job boards that make it easy for freelancers to come across work. If your client tells you that you have to pay them before starting the work, it's usually a scam case.

Stay away from Speculative Work.

Application procedures take advantage of work, thirsty freelancers, by demanding 'spec work.' Speculative work is all about the client wanting to first look at the examples or a free project that has already been finished before hiring or paying you. If it appears to be free work, it might be free work. Writing samples and tests might be a rule, but always be careful whenever companies demand complete, standalone tasks with particular prompts.

Speculative work always puts independent workers in challenging situations, a sign of a false job. If your work is good, there will be no requirement for tests or samples before they hire you. If you have a website or a portfolio, link your work samples there.

Final Tips To Be Kept In Mind

Being self-employed is a lot of hard work, and if you are offered a good incentive, you can do further research. Even if you need fast cash, remain one step ahead of scammers, so you don't waste your time and efforts. Stick to proper rules and sign a formal contract so that you remain protected from any problems that might come up.

These were just a few tips to differentiate the legit freelance gigs from the non-legit ones, hope you find it helpful, and it helps you differentiate between who genuinely wants to hire talent and who's deceiving you.

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